Saturday, January 28, 2012

Richard Sigmund

We're getting a lot of requests to verify the information that a Richard Sigmund was involved in a car accident in October of 1974.  Our research has found the following:

We were unable to locate information concerning the accident in the Bartlesville newspapers of that time.  Newspapers were checked for the dates 17 October 1974, 18 October 1974, and 19 October 1974.  We checked the Vital Statistics for hospital admittance and there was no Richard Sigmund listed.  The family may have chosen not to have his admittance listed in the newspaper.

We checked the City Directories for that time frame and cannot find any Sigmunds living here.

We have gone through 1973 and 1974 telephone books under church listings, looking for Sigmund's name as pastor (some did not list their pastors).  We also looked for Sigmund in the telephone books, and did not find any listings for him.  He may have come from Tulsa since Oral Roberts University lis located there, and he may have been a student pastoring a small church in Bartlesville.

We are unable to document his presence in Bartlesville during this time, though it is certainly possible that he was here, there just is no way to document the story using the records checked.